Beauty Philosophies

When I first realized what I could do with makeup, I admittedly went a little crazy; each day was a chance for a full on eye look or a full face of base. I still think it has something to do with my time in law enforcement. While completely necessary, something about the drab polyester uniforms seemed to sap my artistic freedom and detract from femininity. Makeup was a great option to add in a little spice and I took full advantage of that.

As I get a little older, I drift further from my old makeup philosophy. Here are some concepts I’ve been embracing lately.

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Fancy Meeting You Here

Poland, international, travel

Well, it’s been a while. Sometimes life just overwhelms you, and I’m certainly no exception to this rule. Since I last popped in here, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have spent more time IN the field than out of it. I’ve gotten to see new international places (Poland is beautiful!) and flex my anthropological muscles. In the midst of teaching 5 classes, scheduling time for research and doing private consultations, Out of the Field has been a little neglected. I started this blog as a way to explore the other things I love in life outside of my career- but perhaps what this blog needs is a little more balance and integration. So in addition to the usual beauty and food posts, I’ll be integrating a little more of my anthropological world into the mix here. So as an introduction, here are some of the sights I’ve seen while traveling and working in beautiful northeastern Poland. Continue reading

Beauty Crush: BareMinerals

BareMinerals, Marvelous Moxie, BareMinerals mascara

Occasionally, I find a brand that just works.  All the way around, from top to bottom.  BareMinerals is my current beauty crush.  Now it’s important to know that this isn’t a sponsored post and I don’t secretly work for this brand, I just love it that much!  I wanted to introduce you all to some of the products that have made me a serious BareMinerals convert (clockwise from top left):


  1. Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss:  super smooth and pigmented with incredible lasting power.  I love the way these feel on my dry lips and the slight cooling (definitely NOT stingy!) feeling is really refreshing.  The color pictured above is Rule Breaker, a beautiful shimmering beige gold.  It’s perfect for summer- natural but with a little extra oomph.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I have quite of few of these: Smooth Talker (a rosy gold that is a much better version of MAC’s Posh It Up Lip Plushglass), Rebel (a shimmer free everyday pink) and Temptress (a bronzed plum that I think is LE).  All gorgeous, all the time.
  2. Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara: This is my newest addition and I love it.  I actually started out with the original Flawless Definition mascara and loved it so much I went back for the volumizing version.  While I’m a full brush lover, the original version with its narrow plastic bristles did amazing things for my lashes.  The best part of these mascaras?  They really don’t budge during the day!  I tend to wear waterproof all the time for fear of smudge-y raccoon eyes, but these have converted me.  I can trust that these won’t end up all over the place after a long day, and they definitely keep my lashes soft and defined.
  3. Loose Eyeshadows: This is more of a traditional pick for BareMinerals, but they’re known for their loose products for a reason!  These eyeshadows are super pigmented and come in a massive array of colors.  I actually began my love affair with BareMinerals with a product not shown above- the Ready Eyeshadows.  While pressed eyeshadows are great (and the Ready line is full of buttery, pigmented options), these loose pigments just rock my world.  Clockwise from top left in the picture: Sultry (a shimmery beige),  Cherry Coco Truffle (exactly as named!), Vanilla Sugar (a peachy nude with a slight shimmer) and Sex Kitten (a rich warm bronze-brown).  See swatches below!
  4. Marvelous Moxie Lipstick:  clearly I have a bit of a thing for the Marvelous Moxie line.  Whenever someone asks for a hydrating lipstick for dry lips, this is the product I recommend.  And I recommend it all the time.  Having dry lips is a huge pain, especially when you love lip colors.  And after a day of wearing some lipstick formulations, my lips can be way worse for wear (including a nasty allergy I have to some unknown lip product additive).  Enter the Marvelous Moxie lipsticks- super pigmented, incredibly gentle and hydrating with a perfect selection of colors.  After wearing these, my lips feel happy and healthy and I haven’t had a single allergic reaction (which is a HUGE blessing).  I have more of these than anyone needs to know, but my favorite is the one pictured above: Raise the Bar.  It is an almost metallic raspberry.  And before you run for the hills at the word metallic, this flatters lips like you wouldn’t believe and is perfect for fall and winter.  Big love.

And just for kicks- here are the swatches for the loose eyeshadows listed above:

BareMinerals eyeshadows

L to R: Sex Kitten, Cherry Coco Truffle, Sultry and Vanilla Sugar

So there it is, my love letter to BareMinerals.  Have you tried the line before?  What are your must have products?


The Daily Face: May 2014

Daily makeup, Benefit, NARS, NYX, BareMinerals

NYX BB Cream (Natural)| Bobbi Brown Color Corrector (Light Peach)| NYX HD Concealer (Beige)| Maybelline Define a Brow (Dark Blonde)| BareMinerals Highlighter (Love Affair)| NARS Laguna Bronzer| Loreal Voluminous Waterproof| Benefit Bella Bamba| Benefit Lipgloss (Who Are You Wearing?)


April and May have been big transition months with a new move and an even newer puppy (follow me on Instagram or Twitter to get some sneak peeks at our adorable #fatpuppy)!  Needless to say, sleep has been limited around these parts and my face has looked better…like WAY better.  Suddenly, my already dark circles have become even spookier.  There is literally no amount of any product that will keep them fully at bay, so I’m trying to focus on brightening up the rest of my face to even everything out.  Oh, and keeping it really really simple.  So what makeup helps me fake wide awake? Continue reading

Catching Up…

Sometimes life gets really crazy.  In the past month, we’ve moved house, got a puppy and generally turned everything upside down.  But I’ve been missing Out of the Field and it’s time to get serious once again.  I mean come on, there is some serious makeup talk to be done!  I have also been pondering some posts on other things happening in life, grad school applications, work and co-directing a field school abroad.  I guess I can’t get completely out of the field;)

More to come very, very soon!


The Review: Lorac Unzipped Palette

Lorac Unzipped, Neutral Eyeshadow palette, Lorac swatchesI waffled for a VERY long time about whether or not I really needed a neutrals palette.  After all, I have enough browns, golds, pinks and taupes to kill a horse.  But something about a concise palette appealed to the science-y side of my brain.  I kept telling myself: “It will be great for travel, so convenient!” (as though I don’t have other travel-ready palettes).  After many months of secret swatches at Sephora and Ulta, I folded.  And no, unlike everyone on the planet currently, I did not go the Urban Decay Naked3 route.  Too much glitter, too much pink, too few mattes.  I wanted a palette that could give me more options, and that palette turned out to be the Lorac Unzipped Palette. Continue reading